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PPPoker real money games: Honest review after 30 days of playing

PPPoker is one of the hottest sites to play online poker since lately, and we decided it’s time to write an honest review of the real money games running on PPPoker after 30 days of playing. Our hero who battled for 30 days total with most of the hands played in PLO5 and NLHE games, now has the first-hand experience to share for all of our readers. Read through the end if you want to know what it’s really like to play on PPPoker!

The first few days

I started by applying to two particular clubs called BlackPink and Flying Fish. Installing the app was quite easy, and I got it on both my iPhone and desktop PC. After making the deposit which can be done either through a bitcoin transfer or a Skrill p2p transfer, I opened a Texas Holdem table on my phone and started playing.

The games I tried during the first days, they were pretty passive in Texas Holdem. Some players were loose and others were tight, but I didn’t encounter any truly aggressive players. This is a characteristic in a poker game you’re absolutely thrilled to find – passive money wins less than their fair share of pots, since passive players basically have only one way of winning: hitting the best hand and managing to take it to the showdown. So, Texas Holdem games were profitable for me right from the start on both BlackPink and Flying Fish.

pppoker table action

On the second day after starting out on PPPoker, I tried some Pot-Limit Omaha 5card games. Now this is a whole different type of animal than the Texas Holdem games I played: The pots were bigger, the games played much looser and there were also a few very aggressive opponents at the tables. I lost my first deposit by playing in these crazy PLO5 games – that isn’t to say that PLO5 games weren’t good, it’s just that the variance is quite much bigger than in NLHE. Since making the second deposit, I’ve already gained back my losses from the first few days playing PLO5. It’s for those who love action, and prefer to win big when the cards go their way!

pppoker hand detail

Would I recommend PPPoker to everybody? For most players, I’d say you should give it a go. If you’re a mass-multitabler though, it’s probably not for you. You can play 3 tables through the app quite comfortably, but that’s the limit. The playing experience is a little bit different than on the ordinary poker sites. Then again, PPPoker is no ordinary online poker site – there are a bunch of features that make it unique and everyone has their own opinions on these. You can read my personal opinion on each one of them below:

calltime function

Feature 1: Calltime function (15 minutes)

If a player wishes to leave the table when they have won chips there, they must click the Calltime function from the top left menu icon. Once activated, a countdown timer for 15 minutes start, and the player must stay at the table for at least that time before quitting.

The Calltime function has been designed to prevent hit-and-running, which means entering a game and leaving immediately after having a win. I personally liked this function, as sometimes there are tight short-stackers or very loose recreational players who would otherwise leave immediately after winning a big pot.

Our recommendation: Activate it immediately after you’re winning on a table. You may continue to play for as long as you like after activating it once, but at least you have an option to quit the table anytime if the game is no longer good.

pppoker straddle

Feature 2: Straddle

A straddle is an optional/voluntary blind bet, usually double the big blind, made by a player after the posting of the small and big blinds, but before any cards are dealt. Player who straddles gets to act preflop once the action comes around to him, and players who straddle are usually quite keen on defending the money they have put in.

Straddling is definitely a good feature in any poker game, and it happens at both NLHE and PLO tables on PPPoker. I personally prefer to straddle mostly in live poker, but PPPoker clubs give you this option which is quite unique in online poker.

Our recommendation: When the game conditions are good and you have an edge, you can encourage loose play by straddling yourself from time to time!

PPPoker rabbit hunting

Feature 3: Rabbit Hunting

Rabbit hunting means paying a small amount to see what cards would have landed on future streets.

While this is basically a feature winning players don’t use, it can be fun for recreational players if they had a decent draw but decide to fold and use this option to see whether they would have made their hand. The overall effect on the games is slightly positive in my opinion.

Our recommendation: Use it only for entertainment!

pppoker optimized app mobile

Feature 4: App optimized for smartphones

Closing words

Read our complete review of PPPoker.

It includes our PRO’s comments: “… the fish seems to take the most obvious of baits”

Check out our extensive list of PPPoker clubs and rakebacks. You can get up to 40% rakeback to BlackPink now!

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