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Upoker List of Clubs

You never want to miss on good action and one way to avoid that, is to have a list of all the Upoker clubs at your disposal. Send us your info through our contact form and our poker rooms manager will contact you personally to get the best deals. That way we can get you the best and most personalized deals possible.

Poker Hero

Poker Hero is a club originally from Thailand, covering now most Asian countries. The club hosts games for every taste, ranging from MTTs and micro stakes tables to high-stakes HU No-Limit Hold’em and 5-card Omaha up to stakes equivalent of 15/30USD blinds. The club is known for hot action in all game formats offered including Open Face Chinese Poker. Hence, it should be your number 1 stop when choosing between different Upoker clubs!
Eagle club

Eagle Club

Eagle Club on Upoker is an excellent choice if you’re a micro or low stakes Hold’em player. Eagle Club is part of an union from Thailand, and you will find yourself playing mostly against Asian opponents here. Peak hours in this club occur from 8PM to 2AM GMT+8. The level of the games is easy, so jump into the around the clock action of Hold’em and Omaha!

Upoker Carioca

Upoker Carioca is an active club based in Brazil. It serves well action-hungry PLO4 and PLO5 players – join the club to play in great games!


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Upoker FAQ

Is Upoker legit or rigged?

Upoker has been issued a 3rd party Certificate of Integrity from GLI. When you sign-up on Upoker through Beasts Of Poker, your deposited funds are also 100% guaranteed.

Where to download the Upoker app?

You can download the Upoker app by visiting their official website at https://www.Upoker.net/. Click a download link from either Google Play, App Store or Windows.

How to install the Upoker app?

Installing the app is fast & easy. Just download it from Upoker’s website and install it like any other app on your smartphone. We recommend turning on the automatic app updates so that you always have the newest version of the app on your phone.

Is Upoker available to players from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia?

Poker players from all over the world are welcome to join the Upoker community and clubs. Just register an account and choose your username to get started!

How do I make my first deposit and withdrawal on Upoker?

All payments on Upoker are handled through agents. You can get in touch with us on Telegram at @beastsofpoker or email at [email protected]

Is my deposit safe at Upoker?

Beasts Of Poker guarantees your deposits 100% on Upoker should any problem occur with the club. We have sourced our club owners & contacts on Upoker carefully and work only with reputable ones who have a clear track record of payouts. By providing 100% money guarantee on deposits, we want to give our players a piece of mind for playing on Upoker.

What is the minimum deposit on Upoker clubs?

$200 is the minimum deposit for all the Upoker clubs you can access through Beasts Of Poker. Get in touch with us on Telegram at @beastsofpoker or email at [email protected] and we will clarify the terms & conditions for starting to play on Upoker.

Can you play on Upoker with a PC?

Yes, Upoker has a dedicated software for Windows that you can download on their website.

Can you play on Upoker with a Mac?

Unfortunately not yet if you’re using the Mac OS client. Advanced users can run the Upoker app through Windows via Bootcamp. With that setup, you can install an Android emulator and the Upoker APK file and start playing on Mac.

How to get the Upoker APK file for Android?

Just quickly visit Upoker’s website at https://www.Upoker.net/ and download the APK file from the Google Play link.

Can I play on Upoker for free?

You can view the tables and check the action before making a deposit. The level of play on Upoker is softer than on traditional online poker sites, which is why we recommend jumping right in to test the waters at real money cash games and tournaments.

What makes Upoker unique among mobile poker apps?

If you’re looking for a smooth poker game experience, Upoker has a state-of-the-art user interface with great features for both desktop and mobile. Multi-tabling features work smoothly with their app and finding soft clubs to play at is no problem.

What are the highest stakes played on Upoker?

On Upoker, there are stakes as high as NL5000 and PLO5000 running at peak times. To get access to high stakes tables, feel free to get in touch with us on Telegram at @beastsofpoker to start playing.

What is a Upoker agent?

Upoker uses agents who act as contacts between the clubs and players. As a poker player, you need an agent to join the Upoker clubs and make deposits & cashouts.

Does Upoker allow HUDs?

3rd party HUDs are not supported officially by Upoker. You can view some of the basic stats for each player at the poker tables.

What bonuses does Upoker offer?

Besides getting a generous rakeback from all hands you play, you can win a bad beat jackpot at the tables. You can check the bad beat jackpot hand requirements for each game format inside the Upoker app.

How many players play on Upoker?

There are hundreds of different clubs and tens of thousands of players who play on Upoker. The most active Upoker clubs have over a hundred tables running at peak hours.

Is Upoker good for recreational players?

Yes, you can find games with great action on Upoker. Recreational players don’t get targeted on Upoker the same way as they would on traditional poker rooms, since 3rd party trackers and HUD apps are not supported by Upoker. Join some of the Upoker clubs through Beasts Of Poker to try out the games!

How can I contact Upoker support?

You can contact Upoker customer support team directly by email at [email protected] or use the player care inside the Upoker app.