Rakeback in Poker

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Rakeback Guide FAQ

Rakeback is the sum you get back from rake generated at the poker tables. You can think of it as a cashback for online poker. For example, if you rake $100 playing cash games at an online poker room and have a 40% rakeback deal from us, your poker account would be credited with $40. The rakeback payments are usually processed either weekly or monthly.

Poker operators also reward their loyal players with rakeback, deposit bonuses, rake races and VIP rewards. Even if earn rakeback, you’re eligible for other types of bonuses too. That’s why it’s important to check for the best bonus offers regularly.

Here’s a list of rake calculation methods that online poker sites use:

  • Simple Contributed rake: Equal amount of rake is taken from players who have investment money in the pot.
  • Weighted Contributed: The rake is taken from the pot based on the exact amount of money each participating player has invested. Weighted Contributed can be considered as the most fair way to calculate the rake.
  • Actual rake: The whole rake amount is assigned to the winner of the hand.


The most common methods for rakeback calculation are the following:

  • Weighted Contributed rakeback: You’re entitled for your money’s share in any given pot. For example, if you go put $10 dollars in the pot of $20 dollars, the rake is $1. With a 30% rakeback deal you would get back 10/20*1*0.3= $0.15
  • Dealt rakeback: As long as you’ve been dealt cards, the rake is dealt equally between players in any given pot. With dealt rake, you don’t have to put any money in the pot to get the rakeback.
  • Progressive or shared rakeback: This is a mix between contributed and dealt methods. You have to play the hand but everyone gets an equal share of the rake as rakeback.


Yes – with a good poker rakeback deal, you can sometimes even double or triple your profits at the tables. Rakeback makes your winning months bigger and covers some of the losses during losing months. Even a break-even poker player will win some money at the tables if they have an RB deal.

Yes! The best aspect of rakeback is that you make money even when you lose pots. Most professional online poker players make a large part of their long-term profit from rakeback and other poker bonuses. The more you play poker, the more rakeback you earn. If you play poker on multiple tables simultaneously and put in long sessions, you might make big 5-figures on a yearly basis from rakeback alone.

Rakeback is extra money you can get on top of winnings and you should leave no edge unused. Online poker is getting tougher and tougher each year as the average player becomes more skilled. That’s why it’s more important than ever to maximize your profits and minimize your mistakes. And don’t worry, mistakes happen for everyone! With rakeback, you get some money back even from the pots you lose.

You can get rakeback with following simple steps:

  1. Create a poker account on a poker site that offers rakeback.
  2. Deposit some funds and play cash games or tournaments.
  3. Wait until the end of the week or month to get your rakeback payment.


Absolutely! Rakeback is the standard way for online poker rooms to reward their active players. Poker sites like partypoker pay you rakeback on a weekly basis to your poker account. If you’re playing poker with a rakeback deal for the first time, make sure to check your account is properly tracked before you start playing. We have instructions on how to do that on each online poker room review here at BeastsOfPoker.

No, rakeback is very important for every player whether you play poker recreationally or for a living. There is no player who isn’t happy to receive extra cashback from their play at the end of the week or month!

The best rakeback online poker sites include partypoker and GGPoker. Both sites offer daily leaderboards for cash game players. In some cases, high volume players are getting an effective rakeback as high as 60 to 90%. On top of RB, you can also get a deposit bonus on both partypoker and GGPoker. Both of these sites offer tournament series with huge guaranteed prize pools as well.

You get up to 40% rakeback paid directly on your partypoker account every week when you sign-up through Beasts Of Poker. On GGPoker, you get Fish Buffet points that you can convert to cash rewards. For rakeback on other sites like PokerStars, just check our reviews for those sites to find out the exact amount of rakeback offered to our players.

Yes. With a good rakeback offer, you can increase your online poker earnings, regardless of whether you’re an amateur or an experienced player. You’ll even find some players whose sole profits come from rakeback money as their bottom line would be negative without it.

The term rakeback pro refers to someone who gets their income purely from rakeback. They’re essentially online poker players who multitable for hours on end, lose some money on the games they play but make a profit through rakeback alone.

Rakeback pros can be sit ‘n go players or cash game players. Putting in a lot of volume is key for them – the more rake you generate, the more rakeback you will earn. The best rakeback poker pros can earn thousands of dollars in bonus money in a single month.

Many poker rooms offer cash bonuses and rewards through a VIP program instead. Online poker rakeback, rake chase and rake race offers tend to attract more professional players who utilize poker solvers, trackers and other types of poker software. Thus, it makes sense for online poker rooms to carefully select their promotions.

There’s no set minimum amount that card rooms give you – your rake back percentage varies from one room to another. By the same token, there’s no maximum amount you can get. If you do your research well, you can access sites with percentages as high as 70%.

While many players use these terms interchangeably, cashback and rakeback differ slightly. Cashback allows you to exchange your player points for cash rewards. Sometimes cashback programs can offer more earnings. Some poker sites will require you to only convert a few status points in exchange for prize rewards like tournament tickets. Reading T&Cs helps you know whether a site’s cashback system is better than a rakeback deal.

Yes, they do. Our site Beasts Of Poker has negotiated some of the best rakeback deals available on online poker rooms for our players. Make sure to check out the latest rakeback offers for each poker room at our poker sites section.

Yes, Poker Bros usually offer rakeback deals between 30 % and 40%. Rakeback on Poker Bros is paid on a weekly basis. To get a deal for rake back on Poker Bros, check out our Poker Bros review and clubs.

While 888 Poker doesn’t have a fixed rakeback deal, their players can earn up to 36% cashback in their VIP program. You’ll accumulate 888 points for playing any real money tournament, sit go games or cash game hands and climb up the member status levels as you put in more hours at the tables.

No, rakeback is prohibited on Ignition Poker. Instead, Ignition Poker offers poker points that you can use for tournament tickets or casino chips.