Raise Your Edge Review

Raise Your Edge Review
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Raise Your Edge FAQ

What is the Raise Your Edge?

Raise Your Edge is an online poker training site dedicated to tournament strategy. Their flagship course Tournament Masterclass is used by many high-stakes players.

What is the Tournament Masterclass?

The Tournament Masterclass is a premium-level MTT course taught by tournament poker coach BenCB. The training system consists of +20 hours of video lessons, a range viewer for pre-flop situations, quizzes, hand examples, and tournament reviews.

Is Raise Your Edge suitable for beginners?

Not really. You should have some experience in poker tournaments to get the full benefit from Raise Your Edge training courses. If you’re just getting started with playing tourneys at online poker sites, we recommend signing up for a free membership instead of a paid course.

Who are the coaches of Raise Your Edge?

The head coach at Raise Your Edge is Bencb789, an established poker coach with a world-class work ethic. Other experts of their roster include cash game coaches faLLout86 & MAriano5 and SNG coach Tomy. German players can get legal advice from Fabian Graske, their Head of German Poker Law Section. You can follow raiseyouredge on Instagram to see some of the recent tourney scores of the RYE coaches.

Who is BenCB?

BenCB aka bencb789 is one of the most accomplished online MTT players in the world. He has countless trophies from events like SCOOP and WCOOP, including a $1.17M win from the 2016 PokerStars WCOOP $102K Super High Roller where he beat Fedor Holz in heads-up. As the head coach at Raise Your Edge, BenCB has produced many of the course materials available to his poker students on the RYE platform. According to Patrick Leonhard, BenCB is likely the best poker tournament coach in the world. To see BenCB in action at the tables, you can follow Raise Your Edge on Twitch.

How much content is there on the Tournament Masterclass?

You get 200+ Preflop Ranges and +20 hours of video content in the Tournament Masterclass Apprentice version. You get +50 hours of video content in the Expert version, three bonus modules, and one bonus course.

What poker games does the Tournament Masterclass cover?

The Tournament Masterclass covers multi-table tournaments, including pre-flop & post-flop strategies and fixing common mistakes MTT players make at the tables.

Does the Tournament Masterclass have a refund?

Yes! As a first-time customer, you have the right to cancel the Raise Your Edge contract within 10 days without giving any reason. To cancel your purchase, you can send an email to [email protected] of your decision. Please note that if you have watched over 50% of the poker course content, a refund will not be possible.

How can I contact Raise Your Edge support?

You can contact the Raise Your Edge support team by email at [email protected] or by phone at +43 660 6989149 in any billing and account issues.


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