Free Poker Odds Calculator

Ever wondered what are the chances of your hand winning against another? With our free poker odds calculator, you can calculate the odds of any poker situation. It gives you the likelihood of winning in a matter of a few seconds when all hole cards are known.

Learning basic poker odds and probabilities of different hands winning the showdown is one of the easiest ways to get an edge in poker. Just select your preferred poker variant from Texas Hold’em, PLO, PLO5, and Short Deck and the cards that are in play. You can then see odds for different hands winning.

How to use our poker odds calculator

You can calculate the odds of any scenario in a poker game with these simple steps:

  1. Select the poker variant you’re playing.
  2. Pick the cards you and your opponents are holding.
  3. Pick the community cards dealt.
  4. The odds of each hand winning will start calculating and adjust based on the community cards you add.

What is a poker odds calculator

An odds calculator is a handy tool for all poker players to quickly get the right probabilities for any scenario at the table. You can select different hand matchups and get the right odds in a second. The odds of winning are calculated with a precise statistical method to ensure the results are correct. For example, with our PLO5 odds calculator you can check how often you will win with double-suited Aces against a rundown hand like KQTJ9. In this situation, you can see your winnings odds are around 60% depending on the side cards and suits. 

Benefits of using a poker odds calculator

Most players can learn a lot about poker by playing around with the calculator. Benefits of using a calculator include:

  • Learning the odds of different hand matchups
  • Preparing for hypothetical situations in both cash games and tournaments
  • Finding out if you’ve made any mistakes in hand you played

How do poker odds work

Poker odds are the probabilities of winning or losing in a given situation. All the odds in poker are based on the underlying mathematics of the game. For example, if you’re facing an all-in with a pair of deuces and make the call against ace-king, you’re close to 52% favorite to win the hand. This percentage is calculated by repeating the hand with a fresh deck of cards ad infinitum and seeing how many times each hand wins.

Another concept that can be difficult for new players to grasp is pot odds. Pot odds mean the ratio between the size of the pot and the bet or raise you’re facing. In case the pot is $100 and your opponent is betting $50, you’re risking $50 to win $150 in case you decide to call. Your call of $50 to win $150 represents pot odds of 3:1. If this bet was made on the river, you would need to win at least 25% of the time for the call to be profitable.

Comparing pot odds to your hand equity

How do you know if you should call a bet or a raise in poker? This is where hand equity comes into play. If your hand equity is higher than the price offered by pot odds, you should make the call (or raise if the situation calls for it).

Let’s say you’re facing a half-pot bet on the turn holding a combo draw of KQhh on JT45hh. To call the bet profitably, we need at least 25% equity. Even if our opponent is holding a set of Jacks, we would have 29% equity and should make the call.

Pot Odds shortcuts

Here’s a table that comes in handy for checking how much equity you need to profitable call against different bet sizes:

Bet Size as % of the PotEquity needed to continue


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