Poker Deals

“Poker is war. People pretend it is a game.”
- Doyle Brunson

Best Real Money Poker Sites & Deals 2020

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Our team at BeastsOfPoker has tested and sorted the best poker sites for you to
play at. The criteria for including them in Poker Deals are the following:
  • Great action and soft games
  • Trustability of the site
  • Fast and easy deposit & withdrawal methods
  • How well their poker software works
See the shortlist of our top recommendations below:

Best Deals for April 2020

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  • Deposit bonus: -
  • Rakeback: Up to 40%
  • Fishiest Private Clubs in The World
  • 100% Guarantee On Clubs
  • All the World Covered with Premium Club Selection
  • Deposit bonus: -
  • Rakeback: Up to 40%
  • New modern software competing with PPPoker
  • 100% Guarantee On Clubs
  • Works with iOS, Android and Windows
  • Deposit bonus: -
  • Rakeback: Ask from chat!
  • Super-juicy action in cash games
  • 100% Guarantee On Clubs
  • Unique clubs from different parts of the world
  • Deposit bonus: 200% up to $1000
  • Rakeback: Up to 50%
  • Only 3% PLO Rake and 5% MTT Fees
  • Games running 24/7
  • Great for beginners, massive guaranteed tournaments & available for Indian players
The Party Gaming Network
  • Deposit bonus: $10 free bonus
  • Rakeback: Up to 40%
  • 5% rake with $3 cap up to NL2K & PLO2K, $1 cap in HU tables.
  • Games running 24/7
  • Great for players with all skill levels
  • Deposit bonus: 100% up to ₹30,000
  • Rakeback: 10-30% based on volume
  • Biggest pokersite in the World
  • International pokersite in Indian market
  • Secure and trusted by the players, world-class poker client

How to Win in Online Poker

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Winning in modern world of online poker is harder than ever before. Skill level needed to make it to the top has risen drastically in the last few years as the use of solvers and tracking softwares has become more and more popular. Still, there are thousands of players worldwide who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. So how do they do it?

Beasts Of Poker gathered a team of successful online poker players to answer just that. (To be fair some of them make millions a year, instead of hundreds of thousands but let’s not get stuck in the semantics). What they came up with was these four basic rules:

Four basic rules:
  1. Pick up the best game possible suited to your bankroll.
  2. Get the best rakeback deals possible.
  3. Open multiple accounts so you don’t miss out on any good action.
  4. Work to improve – you can always be better
Follow these rules and you will be on your way to achieve your poker dream. It won’t be easy but remember what John F. Kennedy said: “… we choose to do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard”. And whatever your poker dream will be – it won’t be as difficult as getting a rocket ship to the moon and back with 1/100 000 of the processing power of an iPhone… And they made it – what’s your excuse?

Picking the winners

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If you are new to the game here’s some of the things our pros consider when they’re looking for a new poker site:
  1. Rakeback and rewards
  2. Number of players, amount of the action and the stakes of the action
  3. Liability, whenever money is involved, you’re sure to get a few bad eggs in the mix
  4. Playability and appearance of the software
  5. Fastness, the amount of hands you get dealt in an hour can vary greatly from site to site
  6. Options in the software, for example is there 4-color deck option or possibility to run it more than once.
  7. Smoothness, is the particular software very hard to run on your computer?
  8. Are tracking systems allowed or not.
After a small chat with our pros it became clear that the top three points on the list were by far the most crucial to them.

Rakeback is the main source of income for numerous players. Their yearly earnings vary from just” making that bit of extra” with other work to over 6-figures in winnings yearly. Even if you’re crushing the games, you probably want that extra money going to your pockets – not the game providers. Some sites also offer bonuses which can vary from first deposit bonus, to longer term rakerace deals. Great rakeback deals added with well picked bonuses are often the easiest way to make sure you’re making money in the long run. Also, it’s the only guaranteed positive money flow to your account. No matter how you are doing at the tables, you’re generating rakeback every time you play.

We have put a lot of time and effort to make the best possible reviews of the sites that we represent. These reviews include number of players (or the very least a rough estimate), the amount of action and the stakes you’re able to play. We also promote only companies that are trustworthy and even added it to be one of the parameters you can find on the “general view” on any poker site review.

The other points are nice as well, but has any true grinder stopped because the client was not perfect? Or because the action was amazing, but the hands were just not dealt fast enough? Absolutely not – and neither should you.

At the end of the day, choosing a poker client comes down to what you like the most. Try different gaming providers and find out what suits you. It’s okay to start with your favorite client, play there for awhile and move on to multiple sites later. Whatever you decide, the only crucial thing to remember is to make the rakeback- and possible rewards-deals as you’re setting up your account. Luckily, you only need to do that once per client and you’re set for life. Even more luckily – we got you covered. Sign to any poker site through Beasts Of Poker and enjoy the best deals and offers available.

As you can see, looking for a poker software that works best for you can be a tricky business, but with a bit of our help and right attitude – it surely can be a very profitable one. Now go and choose the room of your liking, and best of luck on your way to transform into a true poker beast!

After you’ve chosen where to play, remember to read ourarticles to improve your skills!