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Transferring money from your bank account can be problematic every now and then. That’s why most professional players use some sort of e-wallet. They’re safe, easy to control and have a low processing time.

Here at Beasts Of Poker, we appreciate the art of making good deals with the best operators. That’s why we have handpicked the best e-wallets for you. The following are FAQs which should help you get a better understanding of e-wallets and how they work.

How to get started?

Choose any one of the e-wallets (or all of them) and follow the instructions. Once you’ve created an account through us, you will start earning cashback from every transfer made to any poker operator!

Why use an E-wallet?

E-wallets are very convenient to transfer funds, they’re easy to operate, safe and have low processing time. When you sign up with us, you also get great customer service, cashback up to 1,1% and free USD 15 Additionally, you get a Mastercard so you have access to your funds no matter where and when you need them.
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E-Wallet Cashbacks?

Pro's comments

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“We didn’t even know that e-wallet cashbacks existed before Beasts Of Poker told us about it. We were stunned. Over 10-years in the business and none of us had heard about them. We applied straight away and have been ever since enjoying every extra cent that’s been coming our way. This is great!”

- Beasts Of Poker Pro-Team