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Cryptocurrency for online poker

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Bitcoin has gained a lot of media traction during the last few years, and for a good reason: Besides being a revolutionary form of money, crypto is the fastest vehicle for funding your online gaming account and start playing right away. With bitcoin and crypto, there is simply no need to deal with common frustrations & limitations that credit cards and bank deposits can bring you. Although some countries can be quite restrictive than others in crypto usage, the scenario of more and more poker sites, casinos and bookmakers adopting crypto as a payment gateway in the near future seems very likely.

Crypto was initially built to overcome the weaknesses of the so called fiat monetary system that is used all over the world. Cryptocurrencies are based on a technology called blockchain, which is basically a decentralized system that enables total transparency with incorruptible digital ledger for recording transfers and balances. In most cases, cryptocurrencies are built on a distributed ledger and traded on multiple exchanges and decentralized platforms. Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, while there are thousands of different digital tokens, coins and virtual assets that can be classified as crypto.

In case you’re relatively new to Bitcoin and crypto and are a bit unsure how to get started with using crypto for gaming, we have put together this guide to help you go through the process of acquiring bitcoin and depositing it for playing online poker. One extra perk for using crypto to fund gaming accounts is the added privacy and anonymous transfers, which can be highly preferred in some countries. By following these steps you’re well on your way to fund your gaming accounts with minimal transfer fees and no banks involved. Let’s get started right away!


Step-by-step guide for using crypto in gaming

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Step 1: Register an account on an exchange

Unless you already have bitcoin available in your btc wallet or an exchange account, you need to get some bitcoin first. This is done through registering an account on an exchange, and either topping it up by any deposit methods available on the exchange or have a friend send you some bitcoin by giving them your BTC address.

An exchange can operate as a store for your BTC, and also as a marketplace where you can trade USD or EUR against bitcoin or other other cryptos. Most of the reputable exchanges require you to provide some form of proof of identification, so be prepared to send them a copy of your Driver’s license or passport.

We recommend using only major exchanges that are legal in most countries, as using a non-reputable exchange can be quite risky. Therefore the best exchanges to start using are:







Step 2: Buy cryptocurrency

Step 3: Open a crypto wallet

Step 4: Transfer crypto to wallet

Step 5: Sign-up to an online poker site

Step 6: Transfer bitcoin to your online poker account


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Transferring money from your bank account can be problematic every now and then. That’s why most professional players use some sort of e-wallet. They’re safe, easy to control and have a low processing time.

Here at Beasts Of Poker, we appreciate the art of making good deals with the best operators. That’s why we have handpicked the best e-wallets for you. The following are FAQs which should help you get a better understanding of e-wallets and how they work.

How to get started?

Choose any one of the e-wallets (or all of them) and follow the instructions. Once you’ve created an account through us, you will start earning cashback from every transfer made to any poker operator!

E-Wallet Cashbacks?

Why use an E-wallet?

E-wallets are very convenient to transfer funds, they’re easy to operate, safe and have low processing time. When you sign up with us, you also get great customer service, cashback up to 1,1% and free USD 15 Additionally, you get a Mastercard so you have access to your funds no matter where and when you need them.
  • Requirements to reach & maintain VIP levels
  • Bronze VIP
  • Bronze Pro VIP
  • Silver VIP
  • Gold VIP
  • Platinum VIP
  • Highest VIP level / Diamond
  • Check For Details
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • n/a
  • After account verification
  • After transferring 25.000 Euro in total
  • (Right after registration with BOP)
  • After transferring 50,000 EUR in total.
  • After transferring 250,000 EUR in total
  • (Upgrade after 10,000 EUR in deposits with BOP)
  • ecoPayz VIP Program
  • Yearly basis
  • 10,000 USD/year
  • Special Status
  • (Instantly with BOP)
  • 50,000 USD/year
  • (20,000 USD/year with BOP)
  • 100,000 USD/year
  • (easier Upgrade with BOP)
  • 500,000 USD/year
  • 2,000,000 USD/year
  • NETELLER VIP Program
  • Every quarter
  • 6,000 EUR/quarter
  • (only 3,000 EUR with BOP)
  • n/a
  • 15,000 EUR/quarter
  • (only 5,000 EUR with BOP)
  • 45,000 EUR/quarter
  • (only 15,000 EUR with BOP)
  • n/a
  • 90,000 EUR

Pro's comments

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“We didn’t even know that e-wallet cashbacks existed before Beasts Of Poker told us about it. We were stunned. Over 10-years in the business and none of us had heard about them. We applied straight away and have been ever since enjoying every extra cent that’s been coming our way. This is great!”

- Beasts Of Poker Pro-Team