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JTsuited Free webinar from MMAsherdog  

By JTsuited, 2 hours ago

Learn Poker
  Can You Still Win Big Money Playing Poker in 2020?- You Definitely Can! If you listen to the right advice. MMAsherdog is considered as one of the top ten no-limit Hold'em players worldwide and won m...
BeastsOfPoker Going Fast: Grinding partypoker fastforward in 2020  

By BeastsOfPoker, 1 day ago

Learn Poker
  Couple of weeks ago Mr. Jouhkimainen convinced me to try out partypoker’s fast-forward tables. I had stayed away from them for the whole last year because of my 700k hands a year side bet against Mr. ...
JTsuited RE: Finding Equilibrium  

By JTsuited, 2 days ago

  Song & narration playing in my head: Rounders intro scene It's Day 15 of live poker in a row. I'm running above expectation, most sessions have been smooth sailing. Attachment: tower.jpg Yester...
Shelby RE: Galfond Challenge speculation  

By Shelby, 4 days ago

General discussion
  Yup, that's basically the reason why I'm so interested about the bet 😎 Even in sports betting, you can find 5fig stakes limits only in the biggest leagues nowadays. They also had 5k limits to the othe...
Jankko RE:Hand Analysis of Famous Poker Hands in Movies  

By Jankko, 4 days ago

Learn Poker
  Nice article! I like to watch poker based movies and I have seen almost all the movies you mentioned but I have never really thought about the poker plays like a pro.
JTsuited RE: Galfond Challenge speculation  

By JTsuited, 4 days ago

General discussion
  If there is value in some of those odds, you can bet relatively big (MAX 10k EUR) on this market that is very very small niche in betting (how often do you see poker challenge odds anywhere 😎 ): Atta...
Shelby Galfond Challenge speculation  

By Shelby, 5 days ago

General discussion
  Hello Beasts! A few days ago I recognised there's a betting site offering odds to Galfond Challenge. I became interested instantly because the bet offers really good entertainment value and there woul...
Matteus RE: Beating life  

By Matteus, 5 days ago

  Will come up with a more thorough post pretty soon, but now just a quick update: How to be a succesful poker player: 1. Do not play when tired or bored I've actually been following that advice pre...
JTsuited RE: Finding Equilibrium  

By JTsuited, 1 week ago

  ''Practice like you've never won. Perform like you've never lost.'' Song playing in the background: Dire Straits - Money For Nothing It's 2020 and the theme of the poker year is locked for my poker pl...
GangnamStation NLHE barrel plan on a dry flop  

By GangnamStation, 1 week ago

Hand histories
  Saw the following hand in NL10k on stars, and was wondering how wide we can barrel profitably on a runout like this for 3 streets? If we barrel AJs, do we also do it with all other suited broadway han...