Poker Tournament Strategy For Deep Runs  

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Looking to learn the most crucial aspects of poker tournament strategy? Whether you’re playing at your local casino weekly tourneys, small stakes online or testing your skills at international live tournaments against a tough competition, you’ve come to the right place.

There are very few moments more exciting than getting deep run in a big tournament with a healthy chip stack to play with - aiming for that precious trophy worth tens or even hundreds of times the buy-in you spent to enter the tourney. And that’s the exact moment you will be experiencing a lot more often, when you have implemented the expert advice from this article on proper play in modern tournament poker.

In this article we will cover the essential areas of strategy with a quick checklist that will help you succeed in tournament poker, such as how to play at early stages of an MTT, what kind of sizings you should use, how to approach the bubble play, what kind of continuation betting strategy you should use and how wide you should defend your BB.

Tournaments have two main driving forces that affect every play: In order to win a tournament, you must win all the chips. But, in order to win all the chips from other players, you must avoid losing your own. Thus there are two objectives: chip accumulation and survival. Handling these two objectives simultaneously can be quite hard for many players - implementing advice from this article will definitely help you in achieving both.

Most tournaments are played over Texas Holdem format due to its popularity. Let’s dive into the world of modern tournament poker strategy that will help you succeed in 2020 and beyond!

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Awesome article!