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Poker Downswings  

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Once you’ve played poker for a while, you’ll notice the chances of having a win in any single session is close to a coinflip or 50/50. If you’re a winning player, that ratio might be more like 55/45 or even 60/40, but hardly above that. Even extremely skilled players like Phil Ivey can’t get the ratio of winning/losing sessions much higher than that – there are always going to be sessions where you lose more than you win, and in many cases there is absolutely nothing you could have done differently to prevent it.

While in the long-term skill is a determining factor in your results, in the short-term luck plays a huge role in the outcomes of individual sessions. But, sometimes the cards might be against us for a longer period than we would like – for some players, this stretch of running bad might seem like a never-ending nightmare.


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How you have managed to turn this period around?