Going Fast: Grinding partypoker fastforward in 2020  

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Party’s fastforward truly lives up to its name. In stars I was quite equipped to get away with 4x ZOOM even with some regular tables (in the worst of times even Heads up tabs) on the side, but in party I had a real problem keeping up with the hands when I fired 4 tabs open. I’d estimate that with stars Zoom pools you can rack up around 700 hands, whereas in the partypoker the hourly pace goes past 800 hands. If you put that into a perspective: you’re deciding what to do with any hand every four seconds. Now four seconds isn’t a lot, and you also have to take into account that sometimes these decisions come quite a lot faster as you have possible stacking hands in every table and you have to evaluate yourself through spots that – in fairness would take hours to calculate even with a purpose-built computer and a capable man wielding Monkersolver behind it. Because of this I did find myself from time to time almost deafened by the party’s alarms going off on four tables at the same time as I tried my best to – if by any means possible– not get stacked 5 times within a minute.

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