River XR all-in  

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I might lack in imagination but wha kind of hands would be best candidates to be turned into a bluff on the river here? Would a hand like K8s rather be a check-call even though it blocks some straight draws? Also if you would choose to XR bluff TT or JJ here, the blocker effect should not be that significant as the stacks on the river are not very deep.

So far I can imagine only turning Kx or TT/JJ into a bluff, as most hands with weak equity are usually being cbet on the flop rather than check-called.

PokerStars, Hold'em No Limit - $25/$50 - 3 players
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pokerkluka (BU): $5,154.50 (103 bb)
Bit2Easy (SB): $5,660.22 (113 bb)
yurasov1990 (BB): $12,443.60 (249 bb)

Pre-Flop: ($75)
1 foldBit2Easy (SB) raises to $150, yurasov1990 (BB) calls $100

Flop: ($300) K 7 9 (2 players)
Bit2Easy (SB) checks, yurasov1990 (BB) bets $226.48, Bit2Easy (SB) calls $226.48

Turn: ($752.96) Q (2 players)
Bit2Easy (SB) checks, yurasov1990 (BB) bets $1,070.73, Bit2Easy (SB) calls $1,070.73

River: ($2,894.42) A (2 players)
Bit2Easy (SB) checks, yurasov1990 (BB) bets $2,198.24Bit2Easy (SB) raises to $4,213.01 (all-in), yurasov1990 (BB) calls $2,014.77

Total pot: $11,320.44 (Rake: $2)

Bit2Easy (SB) shows Q Q (three of a kind, Queens)
(Equity - Pre-Flop: 80%, Flop: 27%, Turn: 100%, River: 100%)

yurasov1990 (BB) shows 9 7 (two pair, Nines and Sevens)
(Equity - Pre-Flop: 20%, Flop: 73%, Turn: 0%, River: 0%)

Bit2Easy (SB) wins $11,318.44

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The ones that block two pair i.e. J9, T9, J7s but are not strong enough to call for 3 streets.

The river spot is a bit funny since that the stack sizes dont let us bluff too much anyways 😎