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PLO Shallow BTN vs SB  

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Hero plays 4-handed shallow table with 24BB effective stacks. SB seems like somewhat tight player so far.

Effective stacks 24BB

Hero (BU): Ah Jh Js 9s  

Hero opens to 2.6BB, SB pots, BB folds, hero?

If hero calls pre, what should we do on following flops in case villain cbets:

A)  Qs 8c 3d  

B) 7d 3s 2c  

C) Kh 9c 4d  

D) 8h 7d 6c   ?




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Great questions. I have no clue tbh. Vs lag I wouldnt mind 4b jamming. Vs tighter guy I guess we need to call. 

A: Super close, but all in.

B: Super close, but fold

C: fold

D: would be little wierd if he jams to us. Small size call. Pot if he checks. Vs a pot get it in. 

I guess calling is better pre even vs wider 3b Range since K94r is easyish fold to us. 

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You can minraise pre with 24bb, I don't think it makes a difference in villain's def%. We will have slightly more playability and a higher SPR on the flop.

With 2,6x open we are left with ~0,8 pot on the flop.

I would shove A B and D quite happily against a tight player's 3b vs BTN range.

C is closest, we do have almost 30% EQ against a 10% range. I would also fold.




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If the villain isnt the tighest player of all time this hand is veeeeeeeeeery easy 4bet pre. I didnt have sim for exact 24bbd, but here are 20bb and 30bb sim for this spot. As we see this isnt even close spot /w single suited 🙂 20bbd we are shoving rainbow as well..

WhatsApp Image 2020 03 03 at 10.09.16
WhatsApp Image 2020 03 03 at 10.06.38