PLO Bluff-catching against flop XR + bets on turn & river  

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How should we construct our defending range in hero's shoes on each street after c-betting the flop? Villain is aggro and seems to be somewhat good in PLO (hero is very mediocre!)


Hero in SB is dealt 4 cards

Hero raises pot, Villain calls

Flop: 3h 7d 2c  

Villain Checks, Hero bets 3/4pot, Villain raises pot, Hero calls

Turn: 7s

Villain bets 3/4 pot, Hero calls

River: Ah  

Villain bets all-in for around 2/3pot, Hero hero-calls

Hero had
Jd Kd Qd Jc

Villain had
8d 8c 6h 2d

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I wouldn't cbet the flop as we're pretty fucked when the XR comes, and in this board you will get a lot of XR from villain. As played I would probably just fold to a pot size raise but as you made the call I would call also the turn - it's not fun but we're not blocking any straight-draws and he's most likely going to shut down the river with those.

Very much folding the river, all the 45 combos have now made it. He shouldn't be raising the flop with 32xx combos except 3245. Because of this it's very hard to find bluffs for villain and also would have to kill myself he he somehow turned Axxx turned into a bluff - maybe a A652/3 with a bd fd - although that's extremely rare.

It has to be said that when he ships the river he's repping very thin. Probably straight with some blockers+ but holding a pair of Jacks and nothing on the board it's probably best to just let these ones go in the future 🙂