PLO 3bp passive line  

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HERO BTN AsQhKcTc 120bb eff


CO raise $7, Hero raise $24, CO call

Flop: Jd4d8c 

Checks around

Turn 9s

CO Bet $39, Hero Call

River 3h 

CO Check, Hero pot


Flop: Can't cbet-fold with gutshot and overs.

Turn: Villain bet rather large on turn suggesting a vulnerable hand on this board. Assume lots of 2p combos some sets and seminaked flushdraws. Hands like AdJTd probably dont risk getting raised off the hand? Dont see point in raising. 

River: Villain very likely has a bluffcatcher. Pot only sizing here? What does hero check back here? Which hands to pot? 

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Flop: Well played. I never feel that I couldn't cbet-fold. Perhaps I should. I only tend to worry about my cbet-calls.

Turn: I think villain has more nutted combos and can stab here quite a bit. Since we are not raising even nuts w/weakish freeroll, I dont't see us raising here often at all. So even hands like AdJTd can comfortably bet here. I think we must raise this hand at least time to time. I would more often than not. Obviously it sucks when the river pairs and villain donks to us, but that's where poker gets fun.

River: As played pot is the play on the river. Check backs are the flush draws with out Q/T. I guess we end here so often with 1 pair + fd, that we need to bluff when we have Q/T. To be honest I'd under bluff the river here since I don't think villain is folding 2 pair. Value betting J9+ seems about right. I wouldn't be too worried to get check-raised here.