NLHE HU Overpair on the flop  

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Overpairs in Holdem are many times tricky to play when facing aggression in 6max or a full-ring game, and folding them on the turn or the river is something especially new players can find difficult. Especially if you happen to have Aces or Kings, as getting those starting hands only occurs about 1/110 hands.

In Heads-Up, mano-a-mano, the situation is usually very different - you have to choose a line that maximizes your profit and makes sense do with also other hands in your range. So, the simplest way is obviously betting your overpair on the flop for value, usually going for 3 streets of value if the runout is (somewhat) favourable. But, you might face aggression in HU too - the ranges are much wider than in a 6max game, and it's important to choose your line carefully after getting raised on the flop or on the turn. But that's enough of overpair talk for now - let's jump into a real hand that occurred today!

Starting point: Villain is a bit tightish but has played otherwise ok - we've seen a few flop and turn checkraises from him but none of those hands went to showdown (as hero had air/gutshot/etc.).

Effective stacks 110BB

Hero (BU): Kh Ks  

Hero opens to 2.6BB, BB calls.

Flop: 9d 6d 3s  

BB checks, Hero bets 2.6BB, BB raises to 7.5BB, Hero ???

What's the best hand(s) we should fold here? Which are the worst hand(s) we should continue with by calling? Which hands are good candidates for 3betting the flop?

Hero raises to 24.8BB, BB tanks & goes allin for 107.6BB, Hero snaps

BB's cards are turned over, and he ...

[ ] had air 

[ ] had a draw

[ ] had the goods

[x] triple-range merged with Ad 9s