NLHE barrel plan on a dry flop  

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Saw the following hand in NL10k on stars, and was wondering how wide we can barrel profitably on a runout like this for 3 streets? If we barrel AJs, do we also do it with all other suited broadway hands like QJs and ATs since those block KQ and AK/AA? Which hands we give up on the river as BB?

So basically the flop should favour the BB for having more overpair combos and also the top set in his range, and BTN has more straight draws, bottom and middle set, and SC's that have now one pair with BD draws such as 67cc or 98hh. The turn is obv a good card for BB's range. River fills 98s for twop pair and 57s for a straight, and BTN should have 6 combos of sets in his preflop range of calling the 3bet.

PokerStars, Hold'em No Limit - $50/$100 - 4 players

antoha1998 (UTG): $4,481.10 (45 bb)
Bit2Easy (BU): $10,372.00 (104 bb)
MunEZ_StaRR (SB): $13,578.28 (136 bb)
MrLeeQ (BB): $12,258.93 (123 bb)

Pre-Flop: ($150)
1 foldBit2Easy (BU) raises to $2511 foldMrLeeQ (BB) 3-bets to $1,151, Bit2Easy (BU) calls $900

Flop: ($2,352) 9 4 6 (2 players)
MrLeeQ (BB) bets $775.17, Bit2Easy (BU) calls $775.17

Turn: ($3,902.34) K (2 players)
MrLeeQ (BB) bets $1,601.50, Bit2Easy (BU) calls $1,601.50

River: ($7,105.34) 8 (2 players)
MrLeeQ (BB) bets $8,731.26 (all-in), Bit2Easy (BU) calls $6,844.33 (all-in)

Total pot: $20,794 (Rake: $3)

MrLeeQ (BB) shows J A (high card, Ace)
(Equity - Pre-Flop: 61%, Flop: 48%, Turn: 68%, River: 0%)

Bit2Easy (BU) shows 7 8 (a pair of Eights)
(Equity - Pre-Flop: 39%, Flop: 52%, Turn: 32%, River: 100%)

Bit2Easy (BU) wins $20,791