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My favourite drinking game is... Poll is created on Oct 19, 2019


Your favourite drinking game?  

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Hi all Beast members!

As our KingPampo's Drunk Poker article has gained some popularity and resulted in great feedback from readers, we decided it would be nice to hear what are your favourite drinking games. We chose different examples that are quite popular, like Texas holdem drinking game and Beer Pong,  but you can also add vote own favourite by choosing other and dropping the name of the game as a comment.


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Hey, me and my friends used to play our own poker drinking game that gets you pretty hammered. The rules are simple:

You'll need a loser beverage or shot, a poker set and beer (or whatever you like to drink). Whenever a player folds or lose a hand they will have to take a sip of their beer. When a player goes bust they'll have to drink the loser beverage/shot. During the game there are lots of special events that make the game really fun (and hard). All rules can be found here: