New poker invention concept  

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An Inventor among us. There's 0% chance I would've seen that coming. That's great man.


Now to your questions: As a device I don't think that there's that much demand. I just think it's hard to see it used in Casinos like that and demand for it in home live-games is probably not too big? I could be wrong of course.

Would it be possible to include the device inside a normal poker table? Because then I could see the casinos be interested in it. Then again: counting chips is a part of live poker and I could see some people objecting bring it to the scene because of it - I know I've lost too much money because of my shitty calculations at the live tables, and would bet that my opponents have been more than happy to see that happening. 

For the cost I don't have any clue. I don't really care about the prices when I'm buying poker related things, but I wouldn't use my personal spending habits even in the same sentence with "rational buyer".


Let us know how it goes if you decide to run with it. Inventing and patenting your own thing is incredibly impressive and I'm more that interested to see how it goes.