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Hi Beasts & Friends,

Time to get some good stories rolling on our Forum. I'll start:

two guys, one coin

So it's one my friends/ambassadors at BeastOfPoker who has, once again, gone for the EPT also known as European Poker Tour, to crush some tourneys and cash games. If you've ever travelled to a poker tournament week with anybody, you have probably done some flips for the expenses/made bets about stupid things during the trip/otherwise turned things into what we call Play-madness in Finland. Just because it's convenient for the bill to be paid by one person, its much more fun and it gives everybody a small sweat.


Except, this time it was no small sweat.


So the tournament week is over. My friend (lets call him Flipper 1) takes a taxi to the airport with another established Finnish pro, lets call him Flipper 2, both of who play high-stakes cash games & tourneys. The bill for the taxi is 60eur – simple math says 30eur per head. Flipper 1 pays.

So, after closing the doors of the taxi, these two guys take their bags and walk inside and sit down for a while as they are in no hurry.


Like expected, Flipper 2 asks: Want to flip for the taxi bill?


2 seconds of silence goes uninterrupted.


Flipper 1: Sure! *takes out a coin*


Flipper 2 chooses tails or heads, to his liking, don't remember which and it’s not really relevant to the story here.




Flipper 2: Double or Nothing?






Okay, its just 120eur he owes to Flipper 1 now.


Flipper 2: Double or Nothing?


You get the plot.


It's 240eur.




It's 480eur.




It's 960eur.




It's 1920eur.




Its's 3840eur.




It starts to get interesting.




It's 7680eur.




Doest it end here? Can Flipper 2 overcome the urge to avoid Double or Nothing?


No he cant.


One more time.


It's 15360eur.


Now, Flipper 1 starts to think, this might not end well. So he politely says, if Flipper 2 wants to go for double or nothing, it's absolutely the last flip they will take for now.


One. Last. Time.


The coin is in the air


Flipper 2 wins the flip.

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Saw this yesterday:




ok here comes the story I read in 2012:

there is an age old blog on a Finnish poker forum starting in 2009. The story of that blog in short is that the blogger, 'OldApple', starts with a borrowed 1eur on Entraction network playing PLO 0.02/0.04 EUR. That gets you 25 big blinds, which is better than nothing. So he starts his grind which goes like this:


After that he posts pic:


The last entry freely translated reads:

'Lost a lot of money today. I had more than 0 outs with those moves, but played in wrong company. Bankroll now 11k USD unless Sunday Majors allow me to bink.'

According to the blog, 'OldApple' bought one extra screen with the winnings. Std rollercoaster grind!



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I have one:


The Aussie Millions was about to wrap up, I had just won the 2k PLO tournament and for once didn't have the indescribable need to get back to even that is so common in the end of a live tournament series. So, for once felt great of having a day off with the guys. 

With a couple of beers we hit the Casinos' "gaming area" (I'm not sure what to call it but it's a giant room with different video games, whack-a-mole etc. and a bowling alley). We started of quite easy, played nearly every game on the gaming area and Mr.Jouhkimainen only managed to hustle couple of hundred off from me. It was alright though. I'm not saying that it was worth the 200-300 AUD to see Mr.Jouhkimainen sob when he misses a mole but it at least gave me some sort of pleasure. 

After the "kiddie games" we reloaded our beers, played a quick 10-minute chinese-poker session (-1k) while we waited for a bowling lane to open up. Once the lane opened up, we put on our bowling shoes and discussed the bets: 500 AUD for the winner, spare 100, strike 200 and doubles (first strike 200 if you get a strike immediately on the next throw that's 400 and so on).

The bowling lane is different that I'm used to. I notice that Australians have re-engineered bowling because each of the pins are hanging from a metal chord (I'm guessing that it's the way they re-organize the pins after they fall down). It seems like a shitty engineering but I'm fine with it - it's same for every participant after all. Joni strikes the first throw. I feel hustled, more hustled that I even by our standards normally do. On the second throw Mr. Jouhkimainen hits hard, straight and in the middle. I'm worried for awhile but see that one pin is left standing. No -400 from this one.

The scoreboard shows "X" for a strike.

Joni, with a clear mania in his eyes runs the five meters or so to our group. Wildly tapping at his right thigh while he speaks: "You see that?"

"Yeah", we say.

"I mean, it has to be a strike - right?"

"How in the hell it could be a strike? I can still see the pin standing there" I reply. I'm getting angry now. Angry at Mr.Jouhkimainen, the sport of bowling and more than anything - Australian engineering. I can already see how this discussion might go.

"I mean. We have to rule through the scoreboard."

Joni is now staring at me with a face of man that has just found a religion; religion of the holy scoreboard.

"There's no way I'm accepting that" I object.

 Joni starts looking at our mutual friend. He opens his arms and says:

"Well I don't know"

"YOU CAN SEE THE FUCKING PIN" I shout, now pointing at the one pin, still mockingly standing on the lane.

" I know I know. But we have to rule through what the machine says."

The third guy, Mr.M had the same bets so there's no way I can overrule them. I try to say something but there's nothing to be done. The religion of the scoreboard had won. 


Joni's third throw you ask? 




Lost 7000 that day.


And haven't bowled since.