“It is better to change an opinion than to persist in a wrong one.”
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In this blog I will track my playing, study and exercise hours. I shall not lower myself to my normal standards.  No more penis jokes - not even short ones. Seriously. I'll be a good boy here.

Side note: I'll try to post longer stories on the lifestyle section weekly so if that's what you're looking for, go over there.

Now: ALL BUSINESS guys. About month ago I paid$ 1k for A-game master poker class on RIO. It's a course that helps you if you have problems with mental aspects of the game. Now you might be wondering: "Jds, really? I would've never guessed that you've problems with your mindset?"

And of course you're right. It's going brilliantly.  I'm perfect and there's nothing wrong with a perfectly healthy desire to conquer the world.

... I have no idea how I ended up here.

What I was saying: the 1k course (which I believe to be really +EV for me) has now me doing scheduling, tracking and so on and I had an idea; why not have a smaller day to day blog about it. Yes. That's what the people want! I can just see everyone going out of control about my 400m dash results. 






Here we go anyway. Some weekly goals:



-22hrs of solid poker. It's easy to push 4x that but what I'm really looking for at the moment is quality over quantity. 

- 4hours GTO analysis and learning to use monkker & 6 hours of easier stuff: videos, pre session prepping and so on

- 4-5x training a week. 3x comes from MMA (have a bet coming), one is for lighter sport like tennis and one could be running ( I have a 400m dash bet) 

- article a week on the BIG blog. 


Is that enough? 




Felt like burning out yesterday so decided to take a couple of days off from the tables so no hands today or tomorrow. Did watch a couple of RIO videos and made a schedule which took 4-hours. Yes, you red that right. Four hours. Clearly, the man is very capable. 





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Posted by: @mad-king

22hrs of solid poker

Would love to hear how you measure the quality of your play?

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It's pretty interesting question because I've never really thought about it.

I usually can "feel" whether I'm playing good or bad. When I'm playing well I can't really hear or think about anything else, I'm just in the moment and "in the zone". When I'm playing bad I'm usually busy, uninterested, upset or all together. In the zone nothing is better than finding new ways to play a hand. In my B- to C-game it's like "well, this will print money - so it will do". In D- to Z-game it's usually just a different sized rage-monster screaming something about eternal suffering to other players. You know - the usual.


Also, I do a quick think right after the hand and if I think I or Villain made a mistake I usually just add it to my "marked hands" on my Holdem Manager. After the session I go over these hands and see if I can find potential leaks or (better) alternate lines for them. If I'm somewhat in my right mind these are bit different, challenging and fun to think afterwards. If I'm tilting I've usually just marked all the big flips that I've lost - because "look how unlucky you have been!"


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Posted by: @mad-king

day to day blog about it.

It's not been daily. My bad. 


Rough overlook on last week:


+ managed to stay out of the tables until Wednesday

+ Studied like a good boy


I think that's about it on the positive side. I blame mostly moving to our new office. Furniture, moving and everything IKEA-related makes even a sane man think about ending it all. 


-Skipped a MMA training on Friday and went to drinking instead. We had a classy dinner so only one guy was surprised naked on the top of our table by the waiters (on the positive - it wasn't me).  After some drunken karaoke, ended the night by walking my older sister home. Heard things about female sexuality that cannot be unheard. Big, big negative right there.  

- Managed to play only 18-hours and quality for the first 10 or so were pretty fucking spewy. On the positive side though: played actually pretty solid 8-hours session yesterday. Not sure if it was IKEA or my sisters mental scarring but felt decent in the tables for the first time in ages. Got rewarded with -12 buy ins of EV and -6 in results. Still, at least it felt okayish. 

- Did write a bit about sport bets but wasn't happy with it so might post something else in the near days on the BIG blog.


This week:

All the same projects as earlier but this time actually clear them.

Also, there's a 25m swimming pool in our new office. Tried it out today, did 500m before session and ended up winning 8 buy ins for the first time in what felt like years. Probably need to swim everyday now. Maybe it's the secret to run good?


P.S. Found this on the internet last week: (everyone should follow Vsauce on Youtube) 

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"Daily" - right. 


In my defence: I have been planning to do a quick update here for weeks now, but been grinding so maniacally and such long hours that after the session have passed out instantly. 


Rough overlook from few weeks: 

My friend bought himself out of the MMA-bet. It's a shame but unfortunately I'm not wealthy enough to pass 4,5k buy out from a 5k bet - also he had been fairly nice recently so didn't really feel like bashing his head in... Decided to keep doing the sport anyway despite the fact that my ears were turning into a cauliflower and my body was feeling like a punching bag. Karma noted my honorable fighting spirit and rewarded me in the next training with a kick so hard in the chest that I now think one of my ribs has broken. So, guess I'm not going to punch anything in a couple of weeks (not counting my girlfriends, mom and every cute looking dog - OBVIOUSLY).

If you didn't find the last sentence funny don't worry - neither does my GF once she sees that I used a plural.

Haven't been running the 400 lately because of my injuries and just pure lack of energy. I think I haven't seen the sun honestly for a month now and it's starting affect my mental state a bit.  Did watch a shit ton of "A-game" poker though from RIO so probably all good there. Who needs vitamin D or exercise when you can do mindfulness practices and eat some broccoli. mmmmh. Broccoli. 

Other news: Like mentioned above been grinding way past my 20 hour/ week limit. Been a bit degen but my game's been actually pretty decent most of the time and even managed to quit some heads up action yesterday because of insanely soft 6-max games. Because of this Karma decided to reward me with +20 buy ins between hours 06-09 in the morning - maybe she isn't such a bitch after all. Been talking poker quite a lot and managed finally install our "solver" computer. The next step is to get a friend of mine to come and show me how to operate the fucking thing - shouldn't be a problem because last night whilst talking poker managed to drop him some golden lines for Tinder. Remember: if ever in doubt what to say next on Tinder just drop some Jon Lajoie in:

I can't have sex with your personality
And I can't put my penis in your college degree
And I can't shove my fist in your childhood dreams
So why you sharing all this information with me?

The man is a genius. 



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I like the swimming pool at the office! Pics?