Do you even grind? – Hall of fame  

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This page is dedicated to legendary graphs that been posted or sent to Beasts Of Poker. Publish your own at forum topic: Do you even grind and make it to Hall of fame!

Henkuli Crushing PLO500z


Henkulihem1 min
henkulihem2 min

My games since the start of 2018. Nearly all the hands are from USD 2,5-5 PLO ZOOM 6-max tables. I’ve been a bit away from the tables lately but will surely return soon


Lorenzo’s NLHE Heads up


lorenzo1 min
lorenzo2 min

I used to play No-limit heads up with a good game selection. Some players like to battle, I just like to maximize my value at the tables. This graph is mostly from USD 3-6 to 10-20 games. Good times!


King Pampo’s PLO heads up


kingpampo1 min
kingpampo2 min

My HU PLO graphs. Stakes vary from 3/6 to 100/200. I've always battled quite a bit with the beasts of the mountain. It's just so much fun and great way to improve your game. I'm pretty surprised how there is just one +50 buyins EV downswing. Lately I've been playing mostly mixed games, but good PLO HU match still creates a special feeling for me.

-King Pampo