do you even grind

Do you even grind? – Hall of fame

Henkuli Crushing PLO500z

My games since the start of 2018. Nearly all the hands are from USD 2,5-5 PLO ZOOM 6-max tables. I’ve been a bit away from the tables lately but will surely return soon


Lorenzo’s NLHE Heads up

I used to play No-limit heads up with a good game selection. Some players like to battle, I just like to maximize my value at the tables. This graph is mostly from USD 3-6 to 10-20 games. Good times!


King Pampo’s PLO heads up

My HU PLO graphs. Stakes vary from 3/6 to 100/200. I've always battled quite a bit with the beasts of the mountain. It's just so much fun and great way to improve your game. I'm pretty surprised how there is just one +50 buyins EV downswing. Lately I've been playing mostly mixed games, but good PLO HU match still creates a special feeling for me.

-King Pampo


This graph is my desktop games from the last two years. I have HEM on my laptop too, but it’s giving me too much trouble, so this will have to do for now. If I get the HEM working, I will post the lifelong graph sometime in the future. I’ve played PLO 6-max and heads up, stakes varying from USD 10-20 to 200-400.


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